Sunday, April 19, 2009

Canberra to become the 30 class Capitol

3016 recently emerged from the summer tone up period looking resplendant in upgraded black paint, and sporting 3102's Brass dome cover, on a strictly limited short term loan; mind you. Just before Easter [on the Thursday, in fact] a little jolly took place, light engine Canberra-Queanbeyan-Canberra to prove the repairs. Two qualified people and afreeloader; just like the old times. Every thing OK, but another problem emerged. Thanks to our friends at Thirlmere and a quick drive, problem resolved!

Easter Saturday shuttles to Queanbeyan, 400 happy paying passengers. In response to a "How was that " one happy couple said it made our weekend, thank you. That is why we do it, of course! Easter Sunday a full load of happy pax to Bungendore [and two police cars delayed at the level crossing, thanks guard!]
19 April, another Bungendore Market train, although a bit of a delay on the return due to slippery conditions. Masterful engine handling by Dvr. Brasso kept the delay to a minimum.

Now, not only 3102 and 3016 [no prejudice, but which is my favourite?] and 3112 live at the National capital. so too, soon will 3013. Yes,David Burke has generously gifted her to us for assesment and [at least] reassembly.

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Unknown said...

Anyone know what happened to 3013

Please be aware that this blog is based on speculation only and intended to create interest and discussion.
The ARHSACT has no formal plans for this restoration at this point.

3102 in the yard, Nov 2008

These photos all show how the engine looks in November, 2008, while it awaits restoration. Photos Howard Moffat.