Friday, November 7, 2008

Project Overview

Project 3102

3102 has been out of service for some time, and after conversations with several members, it would appear that the scope of work required to return the locomotive to service will be very similar to the list below.


The tank is corroded beyond economical repair, and so will require the fabrication of a new tank and bunker, to the same design by Steven Buck, used to build a new unit for 3016. The existing underframe and bogie's are believed to be serviceable, and so will be inspected and repaired as required.

New tank $30 000
Locate all components eg bogie's, axle boxes, brake rigging
Check frame and drawgear for cracking and wear
Construct new air reservoir, piping
Construct through water piping; including provision for filling from ground level
Reassemble and paint tender unit

Project General

One of the first things to be done when the project starts will be to find all the components that once made up this locomotive. Over the years the parts have been used to keep other locos operational, pilfered by souvenir hunters, or in some cases just misplaced, so it will be neccecary to find all the bits that remain and then work out what is missing.

  • Obtain container for parts storage
  • Locate all components



Water glasses

Brake handles

Sand boxes

Missing valve gear

Safety valves


Misc boiler fittings

Brass dome cover

Loco Unit

Disassemble engine unit

Prepare for and lift boiler from frames

Lift frames from wheels

Overhaul valves/cylinders

Repair or replace eccentrics

Check for wear in bores, break glaze

New piston rings

New tyres [6]

Examine main frame for cracks and damage, repair if necessary

Re-metal all white metal bearings and check wearing surfaces

Install mechanical lubrication

Inspect and polish external motion

Inspect and repair brake rigging

Lift frames back onto wheels and reassemble brakes and motion


Obtain tubes

Remove tubes for re cycling [some for 1210]

Examine inner fire box for wastage

Examine boiler barrel for wastage

Construct and fit new front tubeplate

Remove wasted crownstays, create replacements and fit

Re-rivet foundation ring

Inspect and replace any other wasted stays and rivets

Overhaul regulator

Install tubes

Overhaul and refit all boiler fittings and prepare for hydrostatic test

After successful Hydrostatic tests

Create cast in-place refractory arch

Create and fit new self cleaning ashpan

After successful steam test of boiler outside frames

Repair or replace boiler cladding and refit with ceramic insulation

Lift completed boiler onto frames

Refit cab and repair cab floor if required

Repair and reassemble remaining components


Repair and refinish cab as required

Create brackets and wiring required for radios and safety devices

2 Brass nameplates for centre splasher “THE MOUSE”

2 Brass re-build plates for front splashers

Repaint in 3102 green with pin-striping details

Rough initial estimates of $125000 to $150000 plus wages and 18-24 months for project completion with 2 full time fitters and volunteers when available.

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Please be aware that this blog is based on speculation only and intended to create interest and discussion.
The ARHSACT has no formal plans for this restoration at this point.

3102 in the yard, Nov 2008

These photos all show how the engine looks in November, 2008, while it awaits restoration. Photos Howard Moffat.